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What Is a Cumbernauld and What's It For?

Cumbernauld isn't a "thing"! It's actually a place which is situated in Scotland, UK. Today, we'd like to share information about Cumbernauld and all that it has to offer. It's a beautiful place with lots of colorful history, attractions, natural beauty and amenities. It is sometimes confused with a Cummerbund, which is a waist sash worn at weddings and black tie events.

Basic Facts About Cumbernauld

This Scottish town is located in the North Lanarkshire section of Scotland. It features the nation's ninth-biggest population. However, it didn't become designated as a New Town site until winter of 1955. When they town was deemed a New Town during the mid-1950s, it had an allocation area of four thousand, one hundred and fifty acres.

New homes within the town were available for the first time during 1958. More acreage was eventually added to the original allocation amount and this meant that the town expanded by three thousand, six hundred and thirty-eight acres. This expansion was meant to meet the needs of an adjusted target population of seventy thousand people. As of 2011, Cumbernauld has a population of fifty-two thousand people.

History of This Scottish Town

The history of the town predates its status as a new town. In fact, Cumberbauld's history may be traced back to the Roman era. The Romans had a settlement close to Antonine Wall, which was the most northern border of the Roman Empire. The wall provided security from northern tribes which might grow hostile. It also functioned as a security system to build a town around.

Cumberbauld means, "meeting of the waters". Cumberbauld is a name which is derived from a combination of Gaelic words.

Current Attractions and Amenities

Nowadays, the town is home to the Clyde football club, which is a part of the Scottish League Two. The club plays at Broadwood Stadium. Before the club found a new home in Cumbernauld, it was based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Cumberbauld is a great place for sports in general. For example, it's got an archery club, a rugby team and lots of sporting facilities for an array of sports.

As well, it has a variety of primary and secondary educational facilities, in addition to lovely walking paths, rivers and woods. Housing wasn't too impressive in the old days. However, there are lots of options now and this is why Cumberbauld's population keeps growing.

Now that you know more about the town and why it's a great place to live, work and visit, you've got the inside scoop on Cumbernauld.

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