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Bespoke tailoring and bespoke suits

Souster and Hicks bespoke suits are hand cut on the premises by Geoff, Scott and Wes Souster, the process starts with measuring and styling, every single detail is taken into account. When having a fully bespoke suit you can literally specify whatever you want, unlike Made to measure suits where there are certain limitations.

Souster and Hicks bespoke suits are hand cut on the premises by Geoff, Scott and Wes Souster.

Using a set square, tape measure and tailors chalk your pattern is drafted in brown paper, this is the beginning to the creation of your master pattern. Your suit is then cut from this pattern and your first baisted fitting is sewn by hand, either by Wes Souster or Jane, a tailoress who has been working for the Sousters for over 30 years.

After each fitting (several fittings may be required) your suit is stripped down, pressed and re-cut, taking into account any necessary adjustments and a more advanced fitting is then made, each time this is done your master pattern is changed, these fittings are known in the trade as a baist, pocket try on and a full forward. Should your very first fitting be totally satisfactory it will then be given to our highly skilled coat, trouser and waistcoat makers to finish.

You then have your own master pattern, this helps for future orders, as other garments can be made without you even visiting the premises or having a fitting.

Timings for your very first bespoke suit will tend to be the longest, but you should allow for 7-9 weeks, future garments can then be tailored straight from your master pattern in half that time should it be needed.

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