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Handy Hints

When you have invested in a bespoke suit, you need to know how to care for it in order to get the most from it. We have therefore compiled some handy hints on how to keep the shape of your jackets and get more life out of your suits.

Dry Cleaning

Try and refrain from using dry cleaners as much as you can. The chemicals they use tend to take the life out of the fabric. Ask your tailor to have it professionally cleaned for you if really needed, or let them spot clean and hand press it.

We have been using Kez’s dry cleaners in Luton for over 30 years now and would highly recommend them.

Rotating your suits

Try and rotate your suits by never wearing the same suit two days in a row. This will give your suits time to hang out and breathe - you will save yourself a fortune by doing this!

Keeping shape

Try and hang your jacket over an old jacket, this will keep the shape of the shoulders nice and round. Far too often suits end up on thin hangers and lose shape.

Taking your jacket off

Try taking your jacket off as much as possible when travelling as wearing the jacket whilst sitting down on the train or in the car will not only crease your suite, but it will also wear them out and make them go shiny more quickly.

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