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Who Is The Best Tailor on Savile Row?

Who Is The Best Tailor on Savile Row?

Anderson & Sheppard is generally perceived as the most exceptional tailor on Savile Row. This company has been creating bespoke suits in the Savile Row area (on Old Burlington Street) since 1906. If you don't mind paying a pretty penny for a custom suit which is measured, cut and sewn by hand, you'll find that this established and revered tailoring firm provides superb results.

Suits produced by the best tailor on Savile Row will fit you like a glove and give you access to easy elegance which helps to polish your image and boost your self-confidence.

Times have changed, so Anderson & Sheppard has entered the digital age. At present, its official website features a virtual tour of its bespoke workroom, as well as plenty of information about the company's heritage. In addition, it offers access to an online shop which is a great place to purchase exquisite bathrobes, polo shirts, pyjamas and pocket squares.

The company's website also offers lots of information about their bespoke services.

Other Savile Row Tailors of Note

If you're interested in seeing what else Savile Row has to offer, consider visiting the official websites of other respected and beloved Savile Row tailors, including Richard James and Henry Poole & Co.

Treat Yourself To The Best

You deserve impeccable quality. If you're able to afford the best, then investing in a suit from a Savile Row tailor will be a wonderful treat to yourself. It will be made to measure on your own body and it will fit you to perfection. Some of the world's premier CEOs, actors and pro athletes indulge in Savile Row tailoring in order to feel confident and beautifully dressed.

If you don't mind paying an average of forty-eight hundred pounds per suit, you'll find that Savile Row tailoring enhances your image. This type of suiting most definitely sends a message of success. It's all about refinement.

The best Savile Row tailors deliver for their clients by performing work which features painstaking attention to detail. While it may take some time for your new Savile Row suit to be completed, you'll likely find the entire process exhilarating. It's sort of like awaiting a new work of art which has been commissioned just for you!

If you can't afford genuine Savile Row tailoring, and many people can't, you should know that there are companies which offer bespoke tailoring online, such as custom dress shirts and suits. To access this type of tailoring via the Web, you'll need to take your own measurements.

It's a modern way to enjoy bespoke tailoring, without needing to actually visit a tailor.


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