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The History of the Bow Tie

During the Prussian War of the 17th century, Croatian mercenaries began a trend that would later develop into quite a fashion accessory. The mercenaries originally used a scarf to hold together the opening of their shirts. Not long after, the upper-class men in France, took to this idea and it flourished quickly in the 18th and 19th centuries. This was known as a cravat. The cravat evolved into what is now known as the bow tie.

As time passed, the bow tie was adopted by men of many professions. One of the benefits of the bow tie is that it does not dangle like a regular neck tie and therefore, stays out of the way. They are far less likely to become soiled, and make for an overall neater appearance.

Throughout history, the bow tie is a trend that has not stuck with men only. Women have also taken to the trend and made it a fashion accessory. Many credit this to the versatility of the bow tie and the ability to change the overall look of any outfit.

Advancements in bow tie history have gone from tying a scarf to even clip on options if the wearer so desires. The options are truly endless! Most traditional bow ties, are of a fixed length and made to fit a specific neck size. The sizes can vary anywhere from fourteen to nineteen inches and made to go with a standard shirt collar. When wearing a formal shirt, a fixed length bow tie is preferred in order to hide the buckle or clasp of the tie. If the attire is a bit less formal, an adjustable bow tie is the way to go. These work well with shirt collars that lie down. The adjustable bow tie is known as the one size fits all bow ties.

No matter the occasion, whether it is casual every day work attire, or something more formal for an event, the bow tie will provide a sleek, and pulled together look. While some still hold mixed opinions about wearing a bow tie, those who do wear them, stand strongly by the trend. Tie preference is a personal opinion for each person and it is suggested that you give each option a try and see what works best for you. It is quite possible that the trend is one that you will want to adapt into your wardrobe.

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