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What is a custom tailor?

What is a custom tailor?

For the man that wants his suits custom made, the obvious and only option is to go to a custom tailor. Whether you want a made to measure suit or one that's bespoke, making it a point to see a custom tailor will change your look and your life for the better.

The Art of the Tailor

A tailor is an expert at fitting, cutting and adjusting a suit to perfectly fit their client's body. A tailor can give you both a made to measure suit or a bespoke suit. A made to measure suit is one that is one that is made with an existing pattern that is then adjusted to fit the client. Then, certain customisations are made to further shape the suit to your liking. A bespoke tailor requires a process that is bit more intricate. The bespoke suit must be fully made by hand, with the pattern and cut made specifically for the client. This requires the tailor to have several fittings in order to get the most accurate fit.

Tailors are one of the best assets a business man can have. With the right tailor, the same man can go from looking like an average fashion ignorant, off-the-rack suit wearing bloke to a stylish and fashionable man that intrigues new clients and wows passers-by. With a tailor, your suits fit better, are generally made with better material and will always make you look like you spent more money on your suit than you did.

The best custom tailor will always have incredible recommendations. Talk to your friends that have great style to find a tailor that will suit you. An expert tailor will be able and willing to give you direction when it comes to the right suit and fit for you. Additionally, every tailor will know make adjustments to the length of the sleeves, the length of the pants and the size of the waist. The right tailor will also know how to make the most complicated of alterations, so it's a good idea to do your research and ask questions when you meet for your consultation. Similarly, with the right tailor, you can build a steady relationship on trust, knowing that your clothes will be timely and well fitted.

As you continue to explore the world of custom tailors, know that no two tailors are the same. Like a good suit, the right tailor will last you many years.

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